Important information about the change of Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies office address

Please be advised that as of 19 December 2014 the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies moves to new premises. Our new address is Vismaliuk┼│ g. 34, Vilnius LT 10243, Lithuania.

We kindly ask to use a new address in all correspondence. All other company details - name, phone, bank details - remain unchanged.

About us

The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (ProTech) is a non-governmental, non-profit research institute founded in 2005 by common efforts of research and business partners to create environment for industrially oriented technologies development based on know how and expertise of leading ProTech research staff.

ProTech was created as success story of FP5 Centres of Excellence project for Candidate Countries "First Step" which was targeting at establishing industrially oriented research facility of highest research expertise and with management team working according EU R&D projects management requirements.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure is based on a model of networked organization. The institute is comprised of the administrative staff and mobile research groups formed from leading experts to work on a particular industrial problem and led by ProTech senior specialists in one of the priority areas listed below. Institute is working with wide range of industrial partners identifying technological problems and proposing fesible technological solutions through technology transfer activities or joint research and technology development projects with partnering research centers and industry. This way ProTech is filling the gap between knowledge generation and day-to-day industry needs.

Following this pattern, ProTech activities and competence are grounded in on the basis of networked, decentralized structure which is developing out of individual projects and performs a double role: on the one hand, it makes organizational management more effective while providing more autonomy to individual research groups, on the other, it provides more intensity to research activities conducted without strict disciplinary boundaries which are characteristic of traditional, bureaucratic research and technology organizations which often places limits to the interdisciplinary of science and its application for public and industrial purposes.

The areas of competence of ProTech are:

ProTech applies its competence at these industrial and public sectors: